PhD position in astrochemistry at Leiden Observatory.

A 48 month fully funded PhD student position in the field of laboratory and computational astrochemistry is available at the Sackler Laboratory for Astrophysics, Leiden University, the Netherlands.

The project entails a combined experimental and computational study of gas phase radical-neutral chemical reactions that lead to complex organic molecules under interstellar conditions. The main goal is to supply isomer specific identifications and branching information that are crucial for astrochemical modeling and to gain fundamental insight into the reaction mechanisms at play. To achieve this, chemical reactions will be characterized by means of an imaging photoelectron photoion coincidence spectrometer connected to a synchrotron. Supplementary quantum chemical computations will be performed. The research will be performed in close collaboration with beamline scientists (Drs. Bodi & Hemberger) at the Vacuum Ultraviolet Beamline of the Swiss Light Source at Paul Scherrer Institute and frequent visits to the synchrotron facility are integral part of the project. See also

Candidates with a background in (physical) chemistry and strong affinity with astronomy/astrochemistry are strongly encouraged to apply. Basic knowledge in the direction of quantum chemical computations is beneficial.

The PhD student will be appointed at the Sackler Laboratory for Astrophysics ( within Leiden Observatory at the Faculty of Science of Leiden University. The project is part of the research within the framework of a VIDI grant funded by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research.

For applications, please send a cover letter, a resume and contact information of two persons willing to provide a letter of support to Dr. Jordy Bouwman ( This is also the address where additional information can be obtained.

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