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Esta página está abierta a que los miembros del GEFAM nos envíen sus ofertas de empleo, becas y contratos.

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Ofertas de Trabajo:

2018/02/22 – Doctoral Position (4 yr) in Computational Chemistry at University of Santiago de Compostela. +Info

2018/02/22 – UConn-Postdoc position job ID 2017201 for ultrafast molecular dynamics at  University of Connecticut. +Info

2018/02/21 – Plazas de técnicos en el CCC-UAM. +Info

2018/02/21 – Postdoc position for ultrafast spectroscopy on singlet fission-sensitized solar cell materials  at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. +Info

2018/02/21 – PhD positions in Theoretical Soft Matter Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology. +Info

2018/02/21 – Up to ten postdoc positions in quantum science in Basel and Freiburg. +Info

2018/02/21 – PhD position on ultrafast imaging and quantum dynamics (theory) at the University of Edinburgh. +Info

2018/02/21 – 14 PhD positions available in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network COSINE: Computational Spectroscopy in Natural Sciences and  engineering. KTH Stockholm (2), LMU Munich (2), SNS Pisa (2), ENSCP Paris (1), DTU Lyngby (2), NTNU Trondheim (2), Heidelberg University (2), SDU Odense (1). +Info

2018/02/20 – PhD position in Computational Materials Chemistry, Amsterdam. +Info

2018/02/20 – Postdoc opening in computational biophysics in Paris. +Info

2018/02/20 – PhD student opening for ultrafast spectroscopy on 2D materials for solar cells at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. +Info

2018/02/16 – Chemistry PhD position at University of Sussex. +Info

2018/02/16 – Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Spectroscopy at Arizona State University. +Info

2018/02/15 – Postdoctoral position. Computational aspect of protein/protein interactions and/or the flexibility of multidomain proteins containing intrinsically disordered segments- University of Lyon. +Info

2018/02/15 – PhD position in multiphoto-fragmentation dynamics. University of Iceland, Reykjavik. +Info

2018/02/15 – Post doctoral position at UAM, Madrid (Spain): Theoretical study and computational modelling of materials +Info

2018/02/09 – Fixed-term lectureship in Chemical Physics. Edinburgh. +Info

2018/02/09 – Two Postdoc Positions in Computational Chemistry at Westlake University in Hangzhou, China. +Info

2018/02/09 – Researcher position in structure and dynamics based drug design. +Info

2018/02/09 – 2-year postdoctoral position to study the thermal stability and decomposition of flavoring compounds. University of Nevada, Reno. +Info

2018/02/09 – Postdoc position: bionano interface modelling / NM properties at UCD, Ireland. +Info

2018/02/09 – PhD position in Reims (study of carbon dioxide diffusion in sparkling wines, and especially champagnes, by classical molecular dynamics simulations). +Info

2018/02/09 – Postdoc position – sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy +Info

2018/02/07 – 4 year Postdoc – University of Groningen + Info

2018/02/02 – PhD position in the LASER SPECTROSCOPY of diatomic molecules, Institute of Physics PAS, Warsaw, Poland. + Info

2018/01/31 – Postdoctoral positions in laser spectroscopy in Helsinki. + Info

2018/01/31 – PhD position at Hull on dusty interstellar ices. Only one week left to apply!! + Info

2018/01/30 – PhD position in astrochemistry at Leiden Observatory. + Info

  • For applications, please send a cover letter, a resume and contact information of two persons willing to provide a letter of support to Dr. Jordy Bouwman (bouwman@strw.leidenuniv.nl). This is also the address where additional information can be obtained.

2018/01/30 – Two years postdoctoral position at UAM (Madrid, Spain). + Info

  • Studies of electron transport induced by IR and mid-IR pulsed lasers in semiconductor and two-dimensional materials
  • Studies of charge migration in relevant biomolecules and in photosensitizers molecules for catalysis research.

2018/01/29 – Predoctoral researcher position at IMDEA Energy institute on Computational chemistry. + Info


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