PhD position in the LASER SPECTROSCOPY of diatomic molecules, Institute of Physics PAS, Warsaw, Poland

Fully Funded PhD Positions in the LASER SPECTROSCOPY of diatomic molecules, Institute of Physics PAS, Warsaw, Poland

Job Title: PhD Student

Detailed Job Description:
Group of laser spectroscopy offers a Ph.D. project on laser spectroscopy of diatomic alkali molecules. The project is focused on investigation of electronic structure of selected electronic states of Rb2, Cs2 and RbCs molecules, including determination of corresponding molecular constants and potential energy curves.
The research methodology is based on a laser polarization labelling spectroscopy technique which allows to record high resolution spectra of the investigated molecules. The experimental resources available in our laboratories include state-of-the art laser systems, specialized detection systems and spectroscopic cells designed for production of specific alkali metal dimers. The numerical Pointwise Inverted Perturbation Approach method developed in our group enables construction of molecular potentials for investigated electronic states basing on experimental spectra, even for states with exotic shapes of potential curves.

Candidate profile:
•       MSc university degree in one of the following disciplines: Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics, Optics, Laser Physics.
•       Good spoken and written English skills
•       Experience in laboratory work
•       Strong motivation for scientific work

Main research field:  Physics
Sub Research Field: Molecular Spectroscopy, Molecular Physics, Optics

More information can be obtained from prof. Włodzimierz Jastrzębski:
email –

or can be found in

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