Postdoc Position (2-year) at University of Twente, NL

In a novel public-private consortium, funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO/OPOost, NL) the University of Twente is looking for a 2-year Postdoctoral researcher to work in the MCS group of Prof. Han Gardeniers.

In this project, a microfluidic de Laval Nozzle and a Chiral Mass Spectrometer are developed and integrated together into 1 unique and innovative MS analysis system, with which the enantiomeric R/S composition of chiral molecules can be quickly and accurately analyzed. The components are developed by 2 expert companies and 3 knowledge institutions and then integrated into a single unique compact system, a microGC-chiral-MS spectrometer.

Prefarably, the Postdoc has a solid background in (Applied) Physics or Mechanical Engineering with proven expertise in fluid dynamics and a strong interest in working on the development of microfluidic components for gas flow applications, in close collaboration with academic groups and industrial partners.

The University of Twente is a multicultural community of talented, ambitious students, scientists and educators having – together with our business and government partners – access to the best possible conditions. The UT-campus has several powerful research institutes, that focus on nanotechnology (MESA+, the host institute for this project), personalized healthcare and digitization. The University of Twente is committed to high-impact, societally-relevant research and valorisation, and has been awarded 4 times in a row the most entrepreneurial university of the Netherlands.

For further information and applications, contact Prof. Han Gardeniers, see

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