New postdoc positions at the Strasser group (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

They are looking for postdocs for two projects:

1) Time resolved 3D coincidence imaging of the making and breaking of chemical bonds using ultrafast EUV pulses to induce Coulomb explosion of isolated molecular systems.

2)  Construction of a new, hybrid electrostatic ion beam trap (HEIBT) for the study of ionic collisions with counter ions, with neutrals as well as their interaction with intense fs laser pulses.

Candidates should have either physics or physical chemistry background and should  preferably have some previous experience with Matlab and/or Labview coding as well as with ultra-high vacuum and/or femtosecond laser techniques.

Prof. Daniel Strasser                                                                              פרופ. דניאל סטראסר

Institute of Chemistry,                                                                                         המכון לכימיה

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,                                          , האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים

Building: Los Angeles Room: 38                                                       בניין לוס-אנג’לס, חדר : 38

Website:                                            אתר אינטרנט:

Email:           דואר אלקטרוני:

Tel: (office)               972-(0)2-6585466   מספרי טלפון:

      ( lab )                972-(0)2-6586352

Fax:                        972-(0)2-5618033

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