PhD Position at University of Valladolid

Scientific lines of work: Development of techniques for the detection of chirality by means of molecular rotation spectroscopy.
Project theme or themes to be developed: The study of chiral molecules in the gas phase will be addressed through the implementation and development of novel methods based on both chiral tagging and three-wave mixing experiments. These techniques allow for a precise determination of both the enantiomeric excess and the absolute configuration of a molecule, which are ultimately responsible for a specific biological activity. Likewise, the high resolution and sensitivity of rotation spectroscopy will be used for the precise structural determination of molecules and molecular aggregates of interest.
Expected profile of the candidate: The selected person is expected to have a degree and master’s degree in Physics or Chemistry, with basic knowledge of spectroscopy, and interest in the development of new experimental techniques. We are looking for a motivated person to obtain a doctoral thesis and interested in developing a research career. It is advisable to have a good level of English for communication with international collaborators, reading and writing of scientific texts and presenting the results at national and international conferences. Programming knowledge in Python, Matlab or similar, as well as experience working in research laboratories, handling of characterization techniques, and writing scientific papers will be highly valued.

For more information please contact Dr. Cristobal Pérez:
Phone: +34 983 423206

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