DEEP-GAS Meeting (COST Action CA18212)

Dear colleagues,
It’s our pleasure to announce that the joined WG2 & WG3 Meeting of the MD-GAS COST Action CA18212: DEEP-GAS 2022, Dynamics of Energetic & Electronic Processes in molecules and clusters in the GAS phase taking place 4-7 October 2022 in Madrid, Spain is now open for registration at the conference web site:
A preliminary program of confirmed speakers is available online.
There is no participation fee, but registration is mandatory.

You are most welcome to contribute to the scientific program by poster among which four will be selected for oral presentation at the young scientific forum.
Please submit your abstract to

Deadline for registration: 26 September 2022
Deadline for Abstract submission: 16 September 2022

A limited number of participants can be supported by the MD-GAS Action.
Please contact us for further information at

Among fundamental atomic and molecular physics, chemical physics, and applications in radiation therapy and damage on the nanoscale, astrochemistry, astrobiology, atmospheric science, and climate research interests of the working groups 2 and 3, the meeting will host a session specifically focused on systems of biological interest as well as a session fully dedicated to Early Career Investigators, an essential tradition of our MD-GAS meetings!

Looking forward to meeting you in Madrid!

Ana Isabel Lozano, Sylvain Maclot, Dariusz Piekarski, Lucas Schwob
Paola Bolognesi & Sergio Díaz-Tendero
Organisers of DEEP-GAS 2022
MD-GAS COST Action (CA18212)

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