Postdoc position in surface dynamics is open in the group of Prof. H. Guo at University of New Mexico

A postdoc position is open in the group of Prof. H. Guo at University of New Mexico. This NSF funded position is aimed at advancing our theoretical understanding of scattering and reaction dynamics between gas phase molecules and metal surfaces. The main goal is to gain insights into dynamical aspects in key catalytic reaction steps, such as dissociative chemisorption, associative desorption, diffusion, Eley-Rideal reactions, and energy transfer, and their dependence on the initial conditions of the impinging molecule and surface site and temperature. Two recent reviews from our group are given below. The research typically involves plane-wave DFT calculations, development of high-dimensional potential energy surfaces using machine learning tools, and dynamical calculations. We work closely with top experimental groups around the globe. Highly motivated individuals with training in reaction dynamics and surface chemistry are encouraged to apply. The yearly salary ranges from $48000 to $55000, depending on experience. Please send an application letter, updated CV, and three letters of recommendation to

Jiang, B., Yang, M., Xie, D. & Guo, H. Quantum dynamics of polyatomic dissociative chemisorption on transition metal surfaces: Mode specificity and bond selectivity. Chem. Soc. Rev. 45, 3621-3640, (2016).

Jiang, B. & Guo, H. Dynamics in reactions on metal surfaces: A theoretical perspective. J. Chem. Phys. 150, 180901, (2019).

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