Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Ultrafast Condensed Phase Dynamics at the University of Bristol, UK

Applications are sought for an EPSRC funded postdoctoral research associate position to work with Dr Tom Oliver at the University of Bristol (UK) as part of the EPSRC programme grant Ultrafast Photochemical Dynamics in Complex Environments (EP/V026690/1). The grant is a large-scale multi-centre collaborative project between experimental laser spectroscopists and theoretical chemists from four different UK institutions (Bristol, Imperial, Oxford and UCL).

The overall objectives of the research are: (i) to deepen our understanding of the response of molecular chromophores to absorption of light and the effects of interactions between the chromophores and their environment on femtosecond to picosecond timescales; (ii) to apply this new understanding to reveal the mechanisms of light-activated processes in two complex but important real-world contexts where photochemistry plays a key role. These chosen contexts address fundamental questions in plant biology (specifically, the regulation of photomorphogenesis) and atmospheric chemistry (the onset of growth of secondary organic aerosols).

The appointed post-doctoral researcher will undertake laboratory studies of the mechanisms of photochemical reactions of organic and bio- molecules on ultrafast timescales, with the objective of understanding how these photochemical dynamics are affected by interactions with a surrounding solvent or protein. The key techniques to be employed will be (i) 2D electronic spectroscopy, (ii) transient absorption and time-resolved infrared spectroscopy. The role will also involve establishing a 2D electronic-vibrational spectroscopy experiment using an established amplified laser system. There will also be opportunities to utilise time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, and a novel laser system capable of seamlessly tracking transient dynamics spanning femtoseconds-to-milliseconds.

Applications are strongly encouraged from suitably qualified candidates from all backgrounds, especially those historically under-represented in scientific research. The School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, providing mentorship and a collegial inclusive working environment for all staff.

The advertised position is available for up to 3 years in the first instance, with the possibility for extension.

Further details about skills required for the position, and the online application process are available here  Details of the research group can be found at, and the wider Bristol Laser Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group: Please direct informal enquiries to:

The application deadline is 28th November 2022.

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