Postdoc Position at the University of the Pacific / PEPICO / Quantum Chemistry

We are seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral research associate (1-year, renewable for 32 months) to work with Profs. Sztaray and Dutoi at the University of the Pacific. The successful applicant will conduct research in Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry, working with the two principal investigators, external collaborators, and will guide graduate and undergraduate students on the project.

Scientific Abstract:
Non-minimum-energy-pathway (non-MEP) mechanisms, such as nonstatistical dynamic effects, reaction path bifurcations, and roaming, can lead to unusual branching ratios and unusual distributions of internal and kinetic energy in reaction products. This project will use imaging Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence (PEPICO) spectroscopy to collect internal-energy resolved data during unimolecular dissociations involving non-MEP phenomena in energy-selected gas-phase ions. The experimental studies will be complemented by molecular dynamics trajectory calculations to elucidate their mechanisms.

Essential Functions
• Conduct research both in the laboratory, and at synchrotron facilities on the PEPICO spectroscopy experiments.
• Utilize quantum-chemical calculations and statistical thermodynamics for data analysis.
• Assist in developing workflows that incorporate AIMD to model PEPICO dissociation processes.
• Write research articles and conference presentations.
• Work with Ph.D., M.S., and undergraduate students on their research projects.

Minimum Qualifications
• Completed Ph.D. degree in Chemistry or Physics.
• Extensive experience with molecular spectroscopy or quantum-chemistry.

Preferred Qualifications
• Experience with Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence (PEPICO) spectroscopy.
• Programming background.
• Experience with utilizing and/or developing high-level ab initio quantum-chemical methods.

Work Environment/Work Week/Travel:
• Ability to travel regularly in and out of the country.
• Work takes place both in the local laboratories and at off-site facilities.
• Normal work week with with occasional weekend work.

Application process:
• Application form, CV, cover letter, names of two references required
• Apply at
• Contact Anthony Dutoi ( or Balint Sztaray ( with any questions.

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