Postdoc positions in computational biophysics applied to nanomedicine and antibody design – IIT, Genova, Italy

The Computational mOdelling of NanosCalE and bioPhysical sysTems – (CONCEPT) lab at the Italian Institute of Technology (Genova, Italy), Italy, invites applications for a junior Postdoc position in computational biophysicsapplied to nanomedicine.

The project is specifically about developing and applying computational techniques for the in silico design of high affinity and selectivity protein binders.

The project will primarily involve the use and development of Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo based methods coupled with scoring functions to introduce and develop novel strategies for the design and optimisation of antibody fragments. The ideal candidate is expected to have a strong motivation in applying those computational techniques to problems of medical interest, while their prior knowledge is preferable but not mandatory. A PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Biology, or Medicine are required, as well as the knowledge of a programming and/or scripting language.

The CONCEPT lab is part of a multidisciplinary collaborative network composed by biologists, chemists, physicists, and engineers working towards speeding up the development of novel clinical protocols and new diagnostic devices by integrating computational and experimental techniques for the design of new nanotechnology solutions of problems of medical interest.

We offer a competitive salary and a range of benefits. Further details here:

The application deadline is very close: 2 February 2022, thus we invite interested candidates to register online apply directly to the institute portal here:

For further information and application inquiries feel free write to:

Dr. Walter Rocchia

Dr. Sara Fortuna

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