Postdoctoral position at the RWTH-Aachen, Germany: Computational modeling of (bio)functional materials

A postdoctoral position in the newly founded Computational Biotechnology group at the RWTH-Aachen University in Germany is available. We offer a fixed-term contract for one year, extendable up to three years.

Job Description

Bottom-up computational modeling of (bio)functional materials with selected tunable properties using simulation methods at different scales and Machine Learning schemes. The modelled systems involve materials, solvents, and (bio)molecules.


The position requires a university PhD degree in the Natural Sciences. Specifically, candidates with the following qualifications are encouraged to apply:

  • strong theoretical background in one of Physics/Chemistry/Biology
  • strong experience with computer simulations in the Natural Sciences
  • experience with Machine Learning algorithms
  • above average academic achievements
  • enthusiasm to learn beyond your individual research topic
  • willingness to actively collaborate with other researchers and disseminate research in different formats.

For more information please follow the link:

Closing date is February 28, 2022. Please send your application together with all important documents to Maria Fyta (

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