Permanent position in ultrafast XUV science at the UK’s Central Laser Facility

We are looking to recruit a senior experimental scientist to work in ultrafast XUV science at the UK’s Central Laser Facility. This is a permanent position on the Artemis facility, for an experimentalist with experience in photoemission and condensed matter physics. I would be grateful if you could bring this to the attention of any colleagues who may be interested.

A key science area for Artemis is time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy using high harmonics, where we have a sustained track record on condensed matter samples and recent experimental results on gas-phase molecules. We are now upgrading the facility, with a new 100 kHz IR laser system and a larger lab space in the Research Complex at Harwell in which we will build an additional XUV beamline. We are developing new experiments to exploit the higher repetition rate and the possibility of generating XUV pulses at higher photon energy with 1700 nm and 3000 nm drive laser pulses.

Working as part of a small team of scientists and engineers, you will be developing and carrying out time-resolved experiments using high harmonics. Some of your time will be spent working with university research groups who are using the facility, by planning and guiding experiments and contributing to data analysis and paper production. You will also be designing and building a new XUV beamline to exploit high harmonics at 100 kHz, where you will manage a project work-package and the associated budget. You will be strongly encouraged to pursue your own scientific research programme, to write papers, apply for facility beam-time and to present at conferences.

For more details and to apply, see For informal enquiries, you are welcome to contact me ( The closing date for applications is 18th March.

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