Research Associate position in nonlinear x-ray scattering at Hamburg’s excellence cluster CUI:AIM

2-year Research Associate position at Universität Hamburg, for the Project “Cluster of Excellence ‚CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter‘- Nonlinear X-Ray Scattering”

We are looking for a candidate with expertise in experimental physics with a focus on atomic, molecular and optical physics or solid-state physics and a technical background in either x-ray spectroscopy, x-ray coherent diffraction/scattering techniques, photo/Auger-electron spectroscopy or other related techniques using ultrafast light sources. The candidate should have a strong interest in developing novel experimental methods and be versatile to adapt to novel measurement & analysis techniques. Experience in working at storage-ring based x-ray radiation facilities or x-ray free electron lasers is advantageous. The candidate should have a solid background in data analysis & interpretation, programming skills in C++ or Python and good analytical skills.

The successful candidate will be responsible to conceive, plan and execute experiments to investigate nonlinear x-ray matter interaction at x-ray free-electron laser sources: The candidate will work in close collaboration with theoreticians of the group and beam-line scientists at the corresponding x-ray radiation facilities to develop realizable experimental concepts in the area of nonlinear inelastic scattering and nonlinear x-ray optical wave mixing experiments. He/She will coordinate and write beam-time applications in order to secure experimental time at the diverse x-ray radiation facilities, will prepare and execute these experiments as a team leader and will be responsible for the analysis and interpretation of the experimental data. The successful candidate will disseminate the scientific findings by publishing articles in scientific journals and present results at international workshops and conferences.

Requirements: A university degree in a relevant field &
– strong record in scientific work equivalent to a PhD degree in experimental physics
– independent working style
– reliability
– ability to work in a team
– innovativeness
– analytical thinking and structured working style
– very good spoken and written English

For the job advertisement & information on application see:

For more information, please contact

Deadline for application: September 7, 2022

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