Postdoctoral Researcher Opening at the University of Southern California

Anticipated start date: January 2023
Location: Los Angeles CA

A postdoctoral position is open in the labs of Prof. Shaama Mallikarjun Sharada in the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Prof. Travis Williams in the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute at the University of Southern California. The researcher will carry out computational and experimental studies to probe the selective activation of CH bonds in molecules ranging from methane to low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This research will involve the use of quantum chemistry methods to search and verify reaction transition states, calculate catalyst turnovers, and characterize interactions that govern activity and selectivity. Experimental analyses include high pressure kinetics, chemical synthesis, and chemical analysis. Prof. Sharada will be the primary advisor and the researcher will be supervised by both Profs. Sharada and Williams.

Qualifications and Experience:
• PhD in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry
• Experience with utilizing electronic structure methods for simulating molecules, materials, or catalysis
• Some exposure to experimental synthetic chemistry.

To apply, please email the PI ( before October 5th 2022 with a CV, cover letter, statement of research interests, and names of three references.

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