The Company: IDENER

IDENER is a multidisciplinary research company in Computational Science and its application to optimize systems and processes. Are you interested in learning more about our company? Check this link out https://www.idener.es/

We are a team of +40 scientists and researchers exploring the limits of Computational Science in different application areas such as Industrial Technologies, ICTs, Biotechnology, Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy, Resource and Raw Materials Efficiency.

The company is located in Aeropolis Science and Technology Park (Seville, Spain). Since its foundation in 2010, IDENER is now a well-established research actor within the EU, and it is within the top-5 Spanish SMEs in terms of financed projects number and H2020 return ratios.

Our Mission & Vision.

Our team comprises PhD-holing engineers, chemists, biochemists, and biotechnologists, with a precise aim: design a new generation of green chemistry systems making the most of the latest Computational Science advances.

Our values.

We believe in developing sustainable technologies with our work while enjoying the journey with our colleagues in an inspiring work environment.

The Position

The position is framed in the Biotechnology Applications Department under the umbrella of the recently started EU-H2020 project, called SECRETed. Thus, it is a multi-stakeholder multidisciplinary project with substantial participation from SMEs to fully exploit the potential of marine biotechnology and produce novel industrial products for the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical sectors.

SECRETed will develop new hybrid molecules with tailor-made properties obtained from the combination of biosynthetic genes of amphiphilic compounds (bio-surfactants and siderophores) produced by marine and extremophilic microorganisms.

The new researcher will be part of our experienced researchers and project leaders who develop cutting-edge research projects.

Required Skills and Qualifications

The candidate must demonstrate research experience in Biotechnology. Holding a PhD will be

considered an asset.

This role requires:

 Minimum educational level: Masters

 High level of English

 High-level skills in programming

 Knowledge of programming languages: Python and R

 Knowledge of workflows: Chemception, Bradshaw or similar

 Critical thinking. Analyze questions, hypotheses and results objectively, be pragmatic and position yourself in different perspectives when solving a problem

 Effective communication. Capacity to translate complex research concepts into clear and easy-to-understand ideas.

 Intellectual curiosity – Boost search for answers (continually ask why), delve beyond superficial results and think creatively

 Teamwork. Collaborate efficiently with other team members

 Immediate incorporation

Besides your knowledge, skills, and experience, we would appreciate it if you shared IDENER’s vision.


The role entitles:

 Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for databases inspection.

 Construction of molecular networks for Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR)

models and virtual screening.

 Usage of retrosynthesis tools for chemical space expansion.

What we offer

• Flexibility to work 100% remotely or coworking in our head office in Seville (Spain)

• 30.000 – 35-000 Base salary (depending on experience) to be yearly revised.

• Full-time permanent position.

• High flexibility in working time management.

• Help and training, especially during the first year after incorporation.

• Extraordinarily collaborative and interdisciplinary work within a team of researchers and

engineers with a sound scientific background.

• Opportunity for growth and advancement.

How to apply

If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to info@idener.es, including in the mail subject your full name and QSAR/QSER Researcher.

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