Postdoctoral, PhD and Msc positions in atomistic simulations of electrochemistry, UFABC-Brazil

Applications are invited for one post-doctoral position and for Phd, Msc positions  in a collaborative research effort funded by the State of Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP-Brazil) in partnership with the Max Planck Society in Germany, in the area of computational simulations of liquid-solid interfaces.

The project is centred on atomistic simulations of different aspects of electrochemistry. The candidate will  work with ab initio (path integral) molecular dynamics techniques and density-functional theory. The candidate  should be highly motivated to learn new skills and have a solid background on theoretical chemistry or theoretical solid state physics. They should have at least reasonable programming skills and be familiar with UNIX operating systems. The applicant should also be fluent in English (Portuguese is not necessary).
They will be supervised by Prof. Luana Pedroza (Max Planck Tandem Group Leader in Atomistic Simulations of Electrochemistry).  Our group is especially interested in computer simulations of liquid/solid interfaces including both electronic structure and nuclear fluctuations, as well as including an external potential applied to the solid. The students will be based in UFABC and will have the possibility of spending time in the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society (Berlin, Germany) to collaborate with the group of Dr. Mariana Rossi ( and experimental partners.

UFABC is a public university in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Brazil, focused in science and technology. It was recently ranked in between the best Universities in Latin America, according to the Times Higher Education Ranking. It offers an excellent scientific environment and access to several research facilities and equipment.

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