A post-doctoral position in computational catalysis in the research group of Professor Karoliina Honkala at the Finnish Academy funded project «Catalytic and electrocatalytic oxidation of biomass derived polyols at the liquid-solid interface»

Postdoctoral Researcher in Chemistry for a fixed two year term, starting 1.10.2018 or as agreed.

The postdoctoral researcher will work in the research group of Professor Karoliina Honkala in the Finnish Academy funded project «Catalytic and electrocatalytic oxidation of biomass derived polyols at the liquid-solid interface». Selective oxidation has been
recognized as one the key barriers for transforming biomass-derived species to value-added chemicals. The present project aims at identifying and optimizing key factors controlling the performance of catalytic materials for selective oxidation of a selected polyol.

The post-doctoral researcher will apply density functional theory (DFT) calculations to determine thermodynamic and kinetic properties of a selected polyol oxidation reaction at the liquid-solid interface. A special emphasis will be on factors controlling product
selectivity. Furthermore, the post-doctoral researcher will develop a DFT-based microkinetic model to simulate reaction rates under realistic reaction conditions to identify key parameters that control oxidation reaction activity and selectivity.

The eligible candidate has or is about to obtain a PhD in the field of computational chemistry or physics and demonstrates a documented track record of experience in first principles calculations and also preferably in computational catalysis. Experience in using periodic DFT codes such as VASP, QuantumEspresso, or GPAW etc. is considered an
advantage. In addition, the candidate is expected to be able to carry out and communicate the research results in a multidisciplinary research environment. Good understanding of fundamentals of organic chemistry and experience in addressing solvation effects computationally, microkinetic modeling, or Python programming is
considered a bonus.

The job-specific salary component of a postdoctoral researcher is based on the job demands level 5-6 (2893,95 EUR/Month – 3374,18 EUR/Month) according to the salary system concerning teaching and research staff at universities. In addition, a personal performance-based salary component amounting to the maximum of 46,3% of the job-specific salary component is also paid.

For further information: Professor Karoliina Honkala, +358 40 805 3686, karoliina.honkala@jyu.fi.

Please attach the following documents into the application:

1)  Curriculum vitae (CV), composed according to good scientific practice and including contact details of 2
academics who can provide reference letters.
2) Short application / motivation letter.
3) List of publications covering all the scientific and other publications of the applicant.

Please submit your application at the latest by 9.9.2018 using the online application form, which can be found from https://rekry.saima.fi/certiahome/open_job_view.html?did=5600&jc=13&id=00006006&lang=fi


Karoliina Honkala

Professor of Computational Nanocatalysis

Vice Head of the Department of Chemistry

Nanoscience Center

P.O.Box 35

40014 University of Jyväskylä


tel: +358 408053686

email: karoliina.honkala@jyu.fi

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