Post-doc in multidimensional spectroscopy at Orsay (Univ. Paris-Sud, France)

A postdoc position will be available in January 2019 at Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay ISMO (Dr Wutharath Chin and Dr Claudine Crépin), Univ. Paris-Sud/Paris Saclay, France.
The project is concerned with the development of bidimensional spectroscopy experiments applied to organic clusters of atmospheric interest.

Keywords: ultrafast dynamics; multidimensional infrared spectroscopy; cryogenic matrix isolation; atmospheric clusters; hydrogen bonding.

Research project: Resolving the structure and the dynamical behavior of molecular assemblies is a challenge that can be addressed thanks to multidimensional spectroscopy. Conformational selectivity through complexation is a key issue in the formation of atmospheric clusters. This project aims at developing a new multidimensional spectroscopy setup to understand the role of hydrogen-bonding and conformational change in clusters of atmospheric acids and bring information on the early steps of nucleation, named new particle formation that occurs at the molecular scale. The goal is to explore mode selectivity upon complexation and how vibrational dynamics is influenced. The position includes some aspects of finalizing the bidimensional IR spectroscopy setup and matrix isolation spectroscopy with clusters of carboxylic acids.

Profile: Candidates should have research experience in laser spectroscopy techniques, molecular physics. Background in multidimensional spectroscopy, nonlinear optics will be an asset.

Applications (CV, publication list, contact of two referees) and questions can be adressed to Dr Wutharath Chin (
more information here

Dr Wutharath CHIN
Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay – UMR8214
Equipe Molécules en matrice MOMA / Structure et dynamique des systèmes complexes isolés
Bureau 323 – Bâtiment 520 – Rue André Rivière
91405 Orsay Cedex

tél : +33-169157508
fax : +33-169157508
Moma website:

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