R&D Engineer for Computational Modelling of Surface Chemistry

Barcelona, Spain (full-time)

Nextmol is a spin-off company of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. It offers services related to Molecular simulation and Artificial Intelligence in the field of Chemistry, and develops a software platform to accelerate the design of new chemicals.

We are looking for an R&D Engineer with experience in the computational modelling of surface chemistry.

• MSc or PhD (preferred) in Chemistry, Physics or a related field.
• Experience in computational modelling and data science in the field of physical chemistry, in particular in the area of surfactants and interfacial phenomena.
• Experience in Molecular Dynamics, in particular with the GROMACS and LAMMPS simulation packages, and knowledge of the common force fields. Experience with other Molecular Simulation and/or DFT codes, and knowledge of Coarse Grained Modelling, Density Functional Theory, and Thermodynamic Modelling is a plus.
• Experience in Machine Learning. Knowledge of the most common tools for Machine Learning (e.g. Scikit-learn, TensorFlow) and Python is desired.
• Ability to quickly learn about new topics; flexibility to change the work subject according to the current needs; good team player.
• Experience (or motivation) in working with industry, including the need of respecting tight deadlines.
• High level of English, both written and oral.

• Competitive salary, taking into account the qualifications of the candidate.
• A permanent contract is offered after one year in the team.
• We are a small but very motivated team. You will be working in a fast growing company with great potential to advance personally and professionally.

To apply for the position, please send your CV and a motivation letter to info@nextmol.com.

Website: https://www.nextmol.com/


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