Postdoctoral position in computational (astro)chemistry at ELTE Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary

A Postdoctoral Researcher position in computational astrochemistry is available at ELTE – Eötvös University, Budapest in the MTA-ELTE „Lendület” Laboratory Astrochemistry Research Group. The research task will be to perform high level quantum chemical calculations on systems of astrophysical interest with the aim of supporting the experimental work of the group. The work will be assisted by Prof. György Tarczay from the experimental side and by Prof. Péter G. Szalay from the theoretical side. The candidate should possess a Ph. D. in chemistry or physics and have experience in computational quantum chemistry. The position is open for 1 year with a possible extension up to 4 years.

The successful candidates will participate in international collaborations.

Enquires and applications with a short motivation letter and a cv should be sent to György Tarczay ( and/or Péter Szalay ( The position is open util we find a suitable candidate.

György Tarczay
ELTE Eötvös University

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