Job positions at Chongqing University.

Tenure-track positions

1. Requirements on qualification:

Below 40 years, Ph.D. degree required, having overseas study or research experiences and post-doctoral study or research experiences, prominent in certain research field, having made noticeable accomplishments, having excellent academic potential, and possessing the capabilities of leading discipline development or independently developing a discipline.

2. Treatment and support

1) Remunerations: the university provides an annual salary of RMB 200,000-300,000 Yuan;

2) Research grants: the university provides the talent with research start-up grant of RMB 250,000 Yuan for arts and humanities disciplines and 1 million Yuan for sciences and engineering disciplines;

3) Home settlement subsidy: home settlement subsidy of RMB 200,000 Yuan;

4) House: the talent apartment of 80 square meters is pursuable with a favorable price;

5) Other treatments: dedicated postgraduate enrollment quota will be provided; concerns such as spouses’ jobs and children’s schooling will be solved; and other necessary working and living conditions will also be provided.


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