PhD student opening for ultrafast spectroscopy on 2D materials for solar cells at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

A PhD student position is available in the group of Laurens Siebbeles at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

The project involves ultrafast spectroscopy on multiexcitons and charge carriers in 2D metal-chalcogenides for highly efficient ultra-thin photovoltaics.

You will carry out pump-probe laser spectroscopy on exciton and charge carrier dynamics in 2D nanosheets consisting of a metal such as Mo, W, Sn, Zr, or Hf and a chalcogenide S, Se or Te. You will collaborate with a postdoc synthesizing materials, and a PhD student developing photovoltaic devices at the University of Amsterdam (groups of profs. Gregorkiewicz and Schall) and Toyota Motor Europe (Brussels).
You will study the formation, mobility and decay kinetics of excitons and charge carriers with femtosecond and nanosecond pump-probe laser techniques with optical and terahertz/microwave conductivity detection. Materials to be investigated include layers of a single material, bilayers with one material accepting electrons (n-type layer) and the other holes (p-type layer), and multiple layers for a tandem solar cell. Dielectric constants, band gap, and effective masses of electrons and holes will be varied by material composition. Particular attention will be paid to production of two or more electron-hole pairs for the absorption of a single photon via a process known as carrier multiplication. The latter can significantly enhance the efficiency of a solar cell.

Candidates must have a university (MSc) degree in physics, chemistry or a related area, and ideally have experience with time-resolved spectroscopy. The project duration is four years. The gross salary is in the range 2222 – 2840 Euro/month excluding holiday allowance (~8%).

Please contact prof. dr. L.D.A.Siebbeles e-mail: Our webpage can be found at

Applications should include a letter of motivation, CV, a list of courses followed and marks obtained, and letters of recommendation or names of references.

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