Up to ten postdoc positions in quantum science in Basel and Freiburg.

Applications are invited for up to ten Georg H.Endress Postdoc Fellowships at the Basel-Freiburg Center for Quantum Science and Quantum Computing, embedded in EUCOR, the European Campus.

We seek outstanding candidates to perform research in the areas of quantum information, quantum technologies, complex quantum systems and quantum materials.

This explicitly includes reasearch on ultracold size-selected clusters or aggregates of atoms and molecules embedded in helium droplets, as performed in the group of Frank Stienkemeier and the group of Bernd v.
Issendorff at the Physics Institute of the University of Freiburg. Here state-of-the-art laser technology (from high resolution nanosecond lasers over femtosecond lasers to free-electron lasers) is employed to control and characterize the multi-particle dynamics in such model sytems.

General information about this call and especially the details of the application procedure can be found at https://Endress-Fellows.unibas.ch.

For specific information about the research opportunities in cluster and nanodroplet science please contact


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