Postdoctoral Position: ETH Zürich

A postdoctoral research assistant position is available in the research group of Prof. Ruth Signorell at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, as part of a new project funded by the European Research Council. The research group uses light for the characterization and manipulation of clusters and ultrafine aerosol particles. The focus of the new postdoctoral position is the investigation of fundamental aspects of the ultrafast electron dynamics in liquids and across liquid-gas and liquid-solid interfaces by photoelectron imaging of aerosol droplets. Droplet photoelectron imaging opens up new ways to study electron dynamics by exploiting optical cavity effects, which are unique to these confined systems. Candidates must have a strong background in experimental physical chemistry or physics, be able to independently conduct a research project, and contribute to the supervision of graduate students. Experience with (angle- and time-resolved) photoelectron spectroscopy or time-resolved laser spectroscopy is expected. Additional knowledge of aerosol formation and characterization would be highly beneficial. The initial employment will be for one year with the possibility of extension to several years depending on performance. The starting date is somewhat flexible. Please email your application with a description of your research interests and a CV to

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