2-years Post-Doc position available in the group of Prof M.P. Gaigeot at the University of Evry-University Paris Saclay.

There is a 2-years Post-Doc position available in the group of Prof M.P. Gaigeot at the University of Evry-University Paris Saclay in the south area of Paris, starting as soon as possible and at the latest in September 2019.
The Post-Doc is funded by Genopole under the scheme ‘Post-Doc de retour’ and is thus restricted to Post-Docs currently working outside France and who got their PhD in a French laboratory within the past 4-5 years. Net salary is 3000€/month (larger than usual French Post-Doc salaries).

Subject: Hydrophobicity at aqueous interfaces and especially how biomolecules adsorb at hydrophobic interfaces and how the interfacial water is organized. Simulations will make the link in between structures/dynamics and SFG vibrational spectroscopies.

Theoretical Methods: AIMD/DFT-MD and classical MD simulations.

Mandatory expertise of the candidate: theoretical and computational chemist/physicist, expert in AIMD/DFT-MD and/or classical MD simulations. Coding is a plus, some expertise in machine learning techniques could be a plus.

Our group expertise: International recognition in AIMD/DFT-MD simulations of solid/water and air/water interfaces, theoretical SFG spectroscopy at interfaces, expertise in IR/Raman/SFG vibrational spectroscopies with original developments to reduce the computational cost of these calculations. Numerous collaborations with the most advanced IR/Raman/SFG experimental groups in Europe and USA.

Mandatory requirement to apply: PhD from a French laboratory obtained within the past 4-5 years, the candidate must be currently Post-Doc outside France.

Contact: Please contact Marie-Pierre Gaigeot mgaigeot@univ-evry.fr with a detailed CV, letter of motivation, description of current research achievements, and 3 recommendation names and email addresses for further contact, including the PhD supervisor in France.

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