PhD position in gas phase microsolvated biomolecular systems. SOLEIL synchrotron in Saint Aubin and GANIL ion beam facility in Caen.

PhD position opened for recruitment in September 2018

Title: Complementary studies of microsolvated biomolecular systems upon interaction with highly charged ions and X-rays photons

A PhD project dedicated to the study of physicochemical properties of microsolvated biomolecular systems in the gas phase is offered. Several state-of-the-art experimental techniques based on different radiation sources (X-rays and multiply charged ions) will be developed during the project. The PhD candidate will work in the exciting and demanding environment of large-scale facilities (SOLEIL synchrotron in Saint Aubin and GANIL ion beam facility in Caen) using existing devices and is expected to help develop new instrumentation.

The position is co-funded by the Region Normandie and the Synchrotron SOLEIL, and hosted by the Normandie Universite, France.
Recruitment is by competitive examination through an interview by co-supervisors. Highly motivated candidates with a background in experimental physics or chemical physics and high academic rank are encouraged to apply.
We highly welcome applications from both French and non-French speakers. As the PhD work will be done in large facilities (SOLEIL and GANIL), candidates fluent in English are preferable.

Please send your application to and accompanied by a CV indicating your marks and ranks, a letter of motivation and up to 3 names of personalities to be contacted for further reference on your application.

Deadline for the application is end of April 2018.

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