Full-time PostDoc position available in the Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw) within National Science Center (NSC) OPUS 17

Job summary:
Full-time PostDoc position available in the Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw) within National Science Center (NSC) OPUS 17 Project No. 2019/33/B/ST4/01443 entitled “Fast chemical reactions in gels” (leader dr hab. Gonzalo Angulo).

Job Description:
The aim of the project is to study photo-induced chemical reactions, with especial emphasis on electron transfer, in hydro-gels. Over the last years our group has advanced in the understanding of photo-induced bimolecular reactions in condensed media. Our major contributions range from the resolution of long lasting questions related to the physical description of chemical reactions to the possibility to speed up them using multi-pulse light excitation. We have expanded from simple liquids to ionic liquids, liquid crystals, and crowded environments mimicking the cell cytoplasm. To this aim we employ a variety of photo-physical techniques ranging from stationary measurements to sub-picosecond time resolved fluorescence –up-conversion and transient absorption. Within this project we plan to build two combined set-ups that should allow us to expand the time over which the kinetics are recorded from 2 ns in both cases to 25 ns in the former and 1 microsecond in the latter. The main tasks of the candidate will be related to the construction of these experiments and performing measurements with them.

Research Profile:
Recognised Researcher (R2)

Main Research Field:
Chemistry > Physical chemistry > Photochemistry , Physics >Optics, Lasers

Career perspectives:
The successful candidate will be part of a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team. He/She will have the possibility to broaden his/her knowledge and gain hands-on experience at the border between physics and chemistry. Funds are allocated to cover participation in international conferences and for short visits in collaborating laboratories. Institute provides opportunity to participate in ERASMUS + programme.

Application Details:
    • Envisaged Job Starting Date: might vary in range from August 1st, 2020 to October 1st, 2020 depending on the obligations of the successful candidates.
    • Application Deadline: June 15th 2020, 23:59 Warsaw time.
    • How to Apply: Send application directly to rekrutacja@ichf.edu.pl; IMPORTANT: email title “Rekrutacja nr 20/2020”

Further information:

Dr. hab. Gonzalo Angulo
Associate Professor
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences
Kasprzaka 44/52
01-224 Warsaw, Poland

Tel.: +48-22-343-2086
Fax:  +48-22-343-3333
email: gangulo@ichf.edu.pl
web: http://www.ichf.edu.pl/res/CL/

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