Theoretical molecular physics: Postdoc and PhD positions at UCL

Theoretical molecular physics: Postdoc and PhD positions

The ExoMol team at UCL is the world leader in providing spectroscopic data for the characterisation and modelling of exoplanets and other hot atmospheres, see The ERC funded ExoMolHD project is dedicated to providing high quality spectroscopic data. A team is being recruited to undertake the following tasks:

    a) provide precise wavelengths for key molecules applicable for use in high resolution spectroscopic studies performed by telescopes using high resolution instruments;

    b) predict accurate spectroscopic data on key isotopically-substituted species;

    c) provide temperature-dependent pressure shifts and pressure broadening parameters;

    d) compute photodissociation cross sections and photolysis rates both in and outside thermodynamic equilibrium and

    e) develop appropriate database structures, including detailed opacities, k-tables and precomputed atmospheric models. We will act to ensure the widest possible utilisation of the data.

Applications are invited for two postdoctoral positions:

see Research Fellow in Theoretical Molecular

and two PhD students (EU nationals only):

The closing date for applications for all positions is 22 June 2020.

Informal enquiries should be made to Prof Jonathan  Tennyson (

or Prof Sergey Yurchenko (

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