2-year postdoc in experimental ultrafast spectroscopy at the University of Birmingham, UK

A 2-year postdoctoral position in experimental ultrafast spectroscopy is available in the group of Vas Stavros in the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, UK.

The Stavros group applies ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy techniques (in the gas-, solution-, and condensed-phase), to unravel the non-radiative decay processes responsible for driving the underlying photoprotection mechanisms in a number of molecular systems. These molecular systems are broad-ranging; from the biological building blocks of our genetic code (e.g., nucleic bases) to nature-based UVR filters found in plants and microorganisms.

The postdoc will firstly assist in establishing an ultrafast laser laboratory in a soon-to-be-commissioned state-of-the-art laser laboratory. Secondly, they will investigate ultrafast photoprotection mechanisms in operation in a range of UVR filters found in nature and use this knowledge to establish ‘structure-dynamics-function’ insight. This insight will be used to propose next generation UVR filters and/or photostabilisers.

The Stavros group is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral candidate with a strong background in experimental ultrafast spectroscopy. The full advert can be found here. Further information on the science conducted in the Stavros group can be found here.

Informal enquiries should include a C.V. and be sent to Vas Stavros (v.stavros@bham.ac.uk).

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