PhD position in multiphoto-fragmentation dynamics. University of Iceland, Reykjavik

A full-time, 3-year PhD position in physical chemistry / chemical physics in multiphoto-fragmentation dynamics is available within the chemistry department University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

Title and project description:

„Photofragmentation and fragment analysis by two-colour REMPI; The Rydberg states region“

The project deals with studies of photodissociation and photoionization processes of molecules as well as spectroscopic analysis of fragments by mass resolved resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (MR-REMPI) on a quantum chemical basis.  It involves two-color, pump and probe laser excitation experiments and relevant simulation analysis of data. Emphasis will be laid on REMPI via excitations to scarcely analysed high energy regions of Rydberg and valence states of halogen containing molecules and/or organic molecules. Expected outcomes are relevant to interest in fundamental properties of matter, atmospheric chemistry, astrochemistry and plasma chemistry/physics. The project will also involve development of the experimental technique and analysis methods for photofragmentation studies.
The project will/may be performed in collaboration with other colleagues / research groups who are dealing with 1) velocity map imaging-REMPI studies, 2) ab initio potential energy surface calculations and 3) VUV synchrotron work.

See references to related work prior to the project:
1.      Helgi Rafn Hróðmarsson, Andreas Kartakoullis, Dimitries Zaouris, Pavle Glodic, Huasheng Wang, Peter C. Samartzis and Ágúst Kvaran, «Excitation Dynamics Involving Homogeneous Multistate Interactions: One and Two color VMI and REMPI of HBr», Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), 19(18), p: 11354 – 11365, (2017)
2.      Arnar Hafliðason, Huasheng Wang and Ágúst Kvaran, «Long term puzzles of the CH and CD energetics and related phenomena revisited; Solutions sought through REMPI photofragmentations of bromomethanes», Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), 18, 1797, (2016)
3.      Helgi Rafn Hróðmarsson and Ágúst Kvaran, «Revealing photodissociation dynamics through interactions between Rydberg states: REMPI of HI as a case study», Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), 17, 32517, (2015)


-We are looking for a motivated candidate holding (or expecting to receive) a Master’s degree or equivalent in a related field (see above).
-Experience with related experimental work, is highly desirable.
-The ability to work both independently and within a team is a key asset.
-Good english skills (spoken and written) is important

Further information:
Application deadline is Monday 19th of March 2018. Applications should be submitted to . The position will start in August – September or possibly earlier (based on negotiation). Teaching during the Ph.D. studies may be possible.  Once a candidate has been picked, a formal Ph.D. application should be submitted through the University‘s website.
Please include the following in the application: i) 1-2 page letter of interest which should include why you are interested in the project,. your expectations for your Ph.D. studies and what makes you qualified for the position. ii) CV and publication list (if any), iii) transcripts from your B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies, and a list of courses during postgraduate studies, iv) Two recommendation letters, to be e-mailed to  directly from the recommenders.
The student will be a member of Prof. Agust Kvaran research group in physical chemistry / chemical physics at the Science Institute, University of Iceland with a possibility of collaboration work with research groups abroad.
Salary is according to the wage contract by the minister of finance and appropriate trade union.
For further information please contact Professor Agust Kvaran at

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