3rd AMOC 2018 conference (April 16-19, Budapest)

3rd AMOC 2018 (Anharmonicity in Medium-Sized Molecules and Clusters) conference will take place in Budapest, Hungary between April 16-19, 2018, i.e., less than two months from now. The website of the conference is http://kkrk.chem.elte.hu/amoc/.

The AMOC conferences, the first two of which were held in Paris and Madrid in 2012 and 2015, respectively, are designed to facilitate a deep and critical discussion of all topics related to vibrational anharmonicity in a broad sense in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Theoreticians and experimentalists are both invited. It is sincerely hoped that AMOC2018 will prove just as successful as the two previous AMOC meetings to address, and possibly solve, new and still unresolved challenging problems in molecular sciences pushing further the state-of-the-art in this important field of science.

List of invited speakers who agreed to present talks at AMOC 2018 (in alphabetical order, please take a look at http://kkrk.chem.elte.hu/amoc/ to see further details, including the schedule of the conference):

Federica Agostini (France), Oskar Asvany (Germany), Luis Banares (Spain), Malgorzata Biczysko (China), Andras Bodi (Switzerland), Sergiy Bubin (Kazakhstan), Tucker Carrington (Canada), Bryan Changala (USA), Arnaud Cuisset (UK), Basile F. E. Curchod (UK), Gabor Czako (Hungary), Luca Dore (Italy), Agapi Emmanouilidou (UK), Joe S. Francisco (USA), Lauri Halonen (Finland), Michel Herman (Belgium), Markus Kitzler-Zeiler (Austria), Henrik Koch (Norway), Sergei Manzhos (Singapore), Edit Matyus (Hungary), Frederic Merkt (Switzerland), Mirjana Mladenovic (France), Lam Nguyen (France), Nelson de Oliveira (France), David Perry (USA), Olivier Pirali (France), Bill Poirier (USA), Peter Radi (Switzerland), Magnus Ringholm (Norway), Yohann Scribano (France), Petr Slavicek (Czech Republic), Krzysztof Szalewicz (USA), Jiri Vanicek (Switzerland), Kalman Varga (USA), Oriol Vendrell (Denmark), Agnes Vibok (Hungary), and Kaoru Yamanouchi (Japan)

It should also be mentioned that right after AMOC 2018 ends at noon on April 19, 2018,  the Third General Meeting of the COST Action CM1405: Molecules in Motion (MOLIM) (http://cost-molim.eu/) will start at the same meeting facility. Those who attend AMOC 2018 will be able to join the MOLIM General Meeting for free. The Third General Meeting of MOLIM provides another 2.5 days of excellent science and high-quality talks by members of the MOLIM network (European scientists from 29 countries, experimentalists and theoreticians alike, working in the field of nuclear motions).

Please visit the website of the AMOC 2018 conference (http://kkrk.chem.elte.hu/amoc/), register, and take part in a week of outstanding science in the heart of Central Europe, Budapest, Hungary, during the week starting on April 16, 2018. Note that the deadline of abstract submission is March 20, 2018, less than a month away.

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