1st symposium on Electron, Photon, and Ion Collisions on Molecular & Atomic Nanostructures (EPIC-MAN). Caen (France) on July the 22nd 2019


EPIC-MAN is a satellite meeting of the 31st International Conference on Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions – ICPEAC 2019 – to be held in Deauville (France) from 23rd to 30th of July 2019. The purpose of this satellite meeting is to bring together both experimentalists and theoreticians working on collisions with large molecules, clusters, and surfaces. This will allow in the margin of ICPEAC 2019 to have a day for gathering the community studying the interaction of photons, electrons and ions with nanoscale-sized systems. Noteworthy, the ICPEAC tutorial lectures will be held on Tuesday July the 23rd, also in Caen with a bus transfer to Deauville on Tuesday afternoon.

Another important aspect, to be taken under consideration, is that there will be no registration fee. Because of this and in order to guarantee an optimal service to all the attendants, we encourage you to preregister on the website as soon as possible.

You can find further information and updates in the website:


Patrick Rousseau & Sergio Diaz-Tendero
Chairs of EPICMAN2019 (an ICPEAC2019 satellite meeting)
web: https://epic-man.sciencesconf.org/
email: epic-man@sciencesconf.org



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