Gaseous Ions: Structures, Energetics and Reactions Gordon Research Symposium and Conference 2019 from Feb. 17 – 22 2019 in Ventura, California

The 2019 Gordon Research Conference “Gaseous Ions: Structures, Energetics and Reactions” will take place from Feb. 17 – 22 2019 in Ventura, California. See An associated Gordon Research Seminar for early career scientists (graduate students and postdocs) will take place Feb. 16th and 17th. See

This conference brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines in which gas-phase ion chemistry and physics play a central role. Topics include fundamental questions in uni- and bimolecular reaction dynamics, advanced spectroscopic techniques and complementary theoretical modeling, ions in the atmosphere and in space, novel techniques to deduce structure and dynamics of biological molecules, and studies on nanoparticles to investigate catalytic properties. The conference will highlight the use of sophisticated experimental techniques, including mass spectrometry, optical spectroscopy and ion mobility, to examine the intrinsic properties of ever more complex systems. Likewise, conference discussions will address recent progress in computational treatments that provide detailed insight into the structure and dynamics of ions in the gas phase.

The GRC program features 25 invited lectures as well as 13 hot topic talks, selected from the submitted abstracts shortly before the meeting. In addition, several highly active poster sessions are an integral part of the conference.

The program is now online, see .

Applications to attend the GRC and GRS should be made through the conference websites. We are also pleased to report that we have raised a modest amount of support to partially offset student and postdoc registrations, provided they are presenting posters (or hot topic talks). Please encourage your students and postdocs to attend!  Also please spread the word to your colleagues and their groups.

GRC Chair, Gert von Helden:
GRC Vice chair, Mary Rodgers:

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