IUPAP Early Career Scientist Prize in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 2023

Nominations are sought for the Early Career Scientist Prize in Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Physics 2023, which will be awarded by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics through Commission C15 AMO Physics. Enclosed please find the pdf file with the announcement.

The prize will be granted during the XXXIII International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC 2023), which will take place from July 25 to August 1, 2023 in Ottawa, Canada. The Prize includes a certificate, a medal, a EURO 1,000 award and an invited presentation at ICPEAC 2023.

We strongly encourage you to consider a broad and diverse range of outstanding colleagues and collaborators when identifying candidates. The aim is to represent the whole international AMO Physics community in terms of gender, other under-represented groups and geographical regions.

The deadline for submission of nominations is 31st March 2023, and they should be sent to Rosario Gonzalez-Ferez email: c15iupap@gmail.com

Nominations made in previous years will be considered if the nominee is still an early career scientist: we therefore encourage nominators to provide an updated Curriculum Vitae of their nominee to help with the selection process.

For more info, please check https://iupap.org/who-we-are/internal-organization/commissions/c15-atomic-molecular-and-optical-physics/c15-news/

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