The Group of Atomic and Molecular Physics (GEFAM) of the Spanish societies of Physics (RSEF) and Chemistry (RSEQ) announces the 2022 edition of the Delgado-Barrio award, consisting of a Diploma and a monetary prize of 2000 euros (minus taxes). The prize has been established by the family of the late Prof. Gerardo Delgado-Barrio, founder and first President of GEFAM and President of the Spanish Society of Physics in the period 1997-2005. The 2022 Delgado-Barrio award will be presented by the widow of Prof. Delgado-Barrio at the gala dinner of the next XVI Joint Iberian Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics (IBER-2022) in Málaga (September 21-23, 2022).

The Delgado-Barrio is intended to distinguish Spanish or Portuguese young researchers in Atomic and Molecular Physics or Chemistry, with an excellent research tracking record and who have preferentially started their own independent careers.

In order to apply the candidates must be young researchers (35 years old or younger), members of Spanish or Portuguese research instutions, and should participate at the next IBER2022 Conference. Please apply with a CV and reference and/or motivation letters (self-nominations will be accepted). The final decision will be announced at IBER-2022. Please contact gefam@rseq.org for applications and questions.

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