IBER 2022

The Division of Atomic and Molecular Physics (DFAM) of the Portuguese Physics Society (SPF) and the Group of Atomic and Molecular Physics (GEFAM) of the Spanish Royal Societies of Physics (RSEF) and Chemistry (RSEQ) are proud to announce the 16th. edition of our International Conference Series


which will be held in Málaga (Spain) the days September 21 to 23, 2022. The Conference Venue will be the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Málaga. Málaga is one of the largest cities in southern Spain, with a rich history spanning more than 2800 years.

The IBER meeting Series follows a tradition of international biannual Conferences sequentially organized in Portugal and Spain, the last editions being organized in Aveiro (IBER 2015), Barcelona (IBER 2017) and Évora (IBER 2019). The IBER 2022 extends the history of the Conference after the interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The IBER 2022 Conference will bring together members of the international community of researchers in Atomic and Molecular Physics, providing ground for the exchange of information on experimental and theoretical topics.

The Conference will be organized around Plenary Talks, Invited Talks, Oral Talks and Poster sessions, allowing a fast, interactive interaction between all participants. An effort will be done to encourage oral presentations by young researchers in the field. The Conference fees have been kept reasonably low to facilitate the participation by Ph.D. students, Postdocs and young researchers.

In addition to the scientific activities a Conference Gala Dinner will be organized the last day of the Conference. A cultural or touristic activity may also be organized (depending on the number of participants).

More details of the Conference will be announced soon in the web: http://www.iber2022.com
We welcome you to the next IBER 2022 in Málaga!

Scientific Committee & Organizing Committee

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