6th CLPU Users Meeting 2020

Dear Professor/Researcher

The 6th CLPU User meeting is organised the 1st and 2nd of October 2020 to promote and support the next user access to the VEGA system (https://www.clpu.es/Convocatorias_VEGA).

This edition is the first after the starting of operation of VEGA and several reports form international users will be presented. An additional focus will be on building and sustaining a strong Spanish User community around the Experimental activity on VEGA with emphasis on the new possible secondary sources stations for civil applications.

The User meeting will be organised ON-LINE.

The participation is free of charge.

More information and registrations will be available in the CLPU website.


Jon Imanol Apiñaniz

Scientific staff

Pulsed Laser Center (CLPU)

Edificio M5 Parque Científico USAL

C/ Adaja 8 

37185 Villamayor, Salamanca. SPAIN

Tel 923338121


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